Taleen and Lauren

Taleen and Lauren are the duo behind the Product recruiting team at DoorDash. Both alumni of Cal Poly SLO, they moved to San Francisco after graduating college to begin their careers. While they may have different tastes in food, they share a love for their local neighborhood eats and exploring the area. Working at DoorDash, it’s a great excuse to always have food on your mind and they will never pass up an opportunity to share their favorites.

Roma Antica is a smaller restaurant that still feels fancy (but doesn’t cost an arm and a leg). The bolognese is amazing and we often split pasta and pizza with friends. They project old-timey movies — black and white — on a brick wall above the kitchen.
Best pizza in the Marina - if you can’t get into Roma Antica, you can go next door and grab a slice. It’s also great for late night bites. If you’re there, we recommend checking out whatever is in the window.
Our neighborhood favorite -- we go there at least once a week. It’s delicious, but won’t break the bank. Great for an easy week-day meal or a chilly day.