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Ice Cream: Classic Sweet Indulgence Breaks the Mold

You scream, I scream, we all scream for ice cream. Not just any ice cream, either, but small-batch, ultra-premium ice cream. According to the most recent State of the Industry report by Dairy Foods magazine, indulgence, variety and high quality are all trends that have traction and have helped to build a new category of artisanal ice cream.
Local Gem

The Central Valley’s Gone Ape Over Quesadilla Gorilla’s Take on a Classic

And not just because it starts with a kitchen courtship between two teenagers in the small California town of Visalia. Nor is it because it ends with a business so successful that the pair placed third on Fortune Magazine’s 2019 list of Top 100 Fastest Growing Inner City Businesses in the Country. Not even because the community rallied around the enterprise when the coronavirus pandemic threatened to close their doors for good.

Fresno's Always Got Time for Mexican Food

It’s time to rethink your culinary calendar and spread the love. With these new daily designations, you can feed your hankering for Mexican food all week long.
Origin Story

Poke: From Hawaii With Love

Sushi was once considered unimaginable to most Americans—who in their right mind would want to eat raw fish?—but similar to how sushi made its way into the mainstream, poke is following in its footsteps decades later. 
Origin Story

Biryani: Rice, Spice and Everything Nice

If all of South Asia were to be characterized by just one dish, we’d argue it should be biryani. In case you’re not familiar with it, at its most basic, biryani is a rice casserole: one that’s layered with meat, seafood, or vegetables, then flavored with warm spices, herbs, and gravy, then cooked over a low flame, sometimes with a cover made from dough.

Fried Chicken Around the World

Fried chicken is such a beloved food that cultures around the world share an appreciation for. Explore some favorite renditions across the globe.

Chicken & Rice Around the Globe

We often turn to playlists for musical inspiration, so we wondered: Why can’t we do the same for dinner? Welcome to DoorDash Foodlists, where we share thoughtfully curated meal recommendations that you can use as inspiration for what to eat tonight.

Fresno’s Taco Highlights

Make every day taco Tuesday by ordering from these restaurants and food trucks whose shell game is strong whether you prefer that shell to be soft or crunchy, hot or cold, flour or corn.

Fresno’s Keto-Friendly Fare

Maintaining a state of ketosis takes constant vigilance, but everyone eventually needs a break from meal planning, a day off from the kitchen, or the treat of having dinner delivered. Delivery from the following Fresno favorites doesn’t mean you have to sit out on the fun or cheat on your diet.

Fresno’s Best Vegan Meals

Whether Joaquin Phoenix is your spirit animal #alldayeveryday or you’re simply looking to go meatless on Mondays, there’s never been a better time to be powered by plants alone. Taste your way around the world with these globally inspired vegan eats that don’t rely on animals or animal products to find the flavor.

Paleo Plates For Caveman Cravings

The Paleolithic diet is sometimes referred to as the caveman or whole-food diet as the basic philosophy is: if it walks, swims, or grows, it’s ok to eat. Paleo peeps seek out minimally prepared sustenance made with lean proteins, fresh produce, nuts, and seeds, eschewing grains, processed foods, legumes, refined sugar, artificial sweeteners, trans fats, and dairy products.

A Feast For Your Eyes and Taste Buds

There’s an old adage that says you eat first with your eyes. Nowadays, thanks to the social media-driven culture and the prevailing “if you didn’t take a photo, did it even happen” philosophy, the camera has also jumped ahead of your mouth and stomach in line. And since FOMO is a dish best served cold…and hot, here are a handful of Fresno foods and drinks ready for their close-up.

Gluten-Free Goodness

While fewer than one percent of Americans need to adhere to a strict gluten-free diet out of medical necessity due to a celiac diagnosis, one in six U.S. citizens avoid the substance found most commonly in grains like wheat, spelt, and barley.