Our New Reality

As we learn more about COVID-19, it’s become clear that the reality of social distancing will be with us for the foreseeable future. For many of us, it’s been disheartening as we grapple with the deep challenges of living during a pandemic. But, there have also been moments of hope and encouragement. So many of us have made the necessary adaptations to help keep one another safe while at the same time, rising together for racial justice.

At DoorDash, we are humbled by your continued support for local merchants and dashers. We are grateful that we can help to bring you moments of delicious delight during these trying times.

For the July edition of DoorDash Stories, we write about the evolution of an all-time favorite, ice cream, and a new favorite, bubble tea. We profile two notable local restaurants, alaMar and RT Rotisserie. In this edition, we finally extend our Bay Area coverage to the Peninsula with a story that describes the rise of incredible restaurant options in a once-sleepy region. Lastly, we also showcase everyone’s favorite American classics — burgers and fries — with two Foodlists of the best options of each that you can now get on DoorDash.

For returning readers, we hope you enjoy this new edition. If you’re new to DoorDash Stories, there is a wealth of previously published content that we hope you’ll find inspiring and make you eager for your next DoorDash meal.

Until our next edition, be safe, take care of yourself and each other. We look forward to seeing you safely on the other side.