Where to Grab a Bite Near Golden Gate Park

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Sunset District

This worker-owned bakery is the perfect spot for a grab-and-go slice of pizza or even an entire loaf of bread and some dips. The pizza is thin with a sourdough crust, where they serve a different one everyday. While famous for their pizza, they also have pastries, desserts and Equator coffee. Check them out at 9th Avenue and Irving Street for a bite of fresh pizza.

Cafe Bunn Mi

Richmond District

Cafe Bunn Mi is a sandwich shop on Clement Street whose duck sandwich is beloved by locals and visitors alike. Their banh mi’s are infamous, with both meat and vegetarian options. The duck bánh mì, their most popular, is breaded, fried, and served with Vietnamese-style coleslaw. The duck is crispy, the baguette is airy, and the coleslaw is refreshing. A culinary experience everyone needs in their life. Check them out at 5th Avenue and Clement Street in the Richmond District.

Palm City

Sunset District

A mom-and-pop wine shop in the Sunset District that has salads, wine and Philadelphia hoagies, some of the largest sandwiches in the city. Their most popular is the Italian American hoagie. It consists of a sesame seed hoagie roll stuffed with thin ruffles of mortadella, peppery arugula, small shavings of parmesan, chunky mozzarella, salami and a spicy n’duja sauce. To complete the perfect park day you can find them at Irving Street and 42nd Avenue.

Hook Fish

Sunset District

This local Sunset District neighborhood fish market and seafood shack churns out fresh, fried and/or grilled fish tacos and burritos everyday. They have a rotating list of fish depending on the catch of the day. The tacos and burritos are stuffed with your choice of fish (or extra avocado if vegetarian), black beans, pickled purple cabbage, avocado, rice and a spicy aioli. They even have some classic fish and chips, but If you’re looking for something a little more messy, they have copious amounts of crunchy fried chips, guacamole and shrimp ceviche. Perfect for a day at the park. You can enjoy them at Irving Street and 47th Avenue.

Cinderella Bakery & Cafe

Richmond District

This neighborhood cafe and bakery serves piroshkis in 5 different flavors, with traditional fillings of beef and cabbage, next to others with egg, potato, and mushroom fillings. Alongside their piroshki they have an extensive sandwich selection. The vegan sandwich comes with roasted pepper, avocado, tomato, sorrel and romesco sauce with almonds. You can get a taste of Russian street food and more at Cinderella Bakery and cafe, located at the intersection of 6th Avenue and Balboa Street.

Bi-Rite Market


A beloved neighborhood grocery store with everything from sandwiches and ramen bowls to house-made ice cream and salads. Bi-Rite's most popular sandwich, the vegan hippy, is just what you need for a sunny park day. It comes with avocado, crispy sweet potatoes, pea shoots, house-made scallion aioli, and lemon vinaigrette on a toasted, thick-cut seeded bread. If you're not vegetarian, try adding crispy bacon to give it an extra punch. You can find Bi-Rite at the intersection of Hayes and Divisadero Street.

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Richmond District, San Francisco
Richmond District, San Francisco
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