These East Bay Restaurants Are Newly Available on DoorDash in East Bay

Albert Poon
Susannah Chen
A cornmeal-battered po’boy from Brenda’s Oakland.

Editor’s Note: Updated with notable restaurants on May 12

California’s shelter in place order has temporarily transformed restaurants used to dine-in customers into hubs for takeout. In light of these challenging times, the following notable East Bay restaurants are now available on DoorDash. Note that menus may be different from their dine-in counterparts, with family-style meal kits or a smaller, pared-down selection of delivery-only options. Hours are often scaled back. We’ll continue to update this story in real time as additional restaurants of note become available on DoorDash.

Quinn’s Lighthouse

This waterfront seafood restaurant in the former Oakland Harbor lighthouse isn’t open for dine-in, sadly, but recently re-opened with a limited takeaway menu daily from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. 


Quinn’s traditional-style jambalaya is packed with prawns, chicken, ham, and sausage.


Turn to this diner-esque Uptown Oakland spot for American classics with Japanese influences. 

Kimchi Fried Rice

Case in point: Chef Kyle Itani’s pork belly served with shoyu eggs and brown rice fried in housemade kimchi.

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