14 Hits to Order for Lunch Now That You're WFH in East Bay

Susannah Chen
The Roasted Brussels Salad with Balsamic Dressing from The Salad Bowl in Oakland.

Editor’s Note: This list has been updated with new restaurants as of May 19.

While it’s great in theory to have a daily excuse to work in your pajamas, let’s face it: your lunch routine just isn’t the same. Missing your midday lunch breaks around town with co-workers now that you’re working from home? Replace them with one of these popular lunch ideas that you can get sent right to your doorstep (lunch buddy not included).

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Tuscany Crepe



Even if you can’t take a jaunt over to your favorite crepe stand for lunch, you can still order Europe’s favorite foldable meal for delivery. One of the top sellers at Crepevine in Oakland is the Tuscany, with chicken breast, mushrooms, pesto, feta, and almonds.

Roasted Brussels Salad with Balsamic Dressing

The Salad Bowl


With its roasted brussels sprouts, gorgonzola, caramelized onions, toasted hazelnuts, tomatoes, and parsley, the Brussels salad here is the perfect antidote to the usual, run-of-the-mill lunchtime salad.

Ye Doro Wot

Lemat Ethiopian Restaurant and Cafe


Not only is Berkeley’s Lemat open for lunch (a rarity among East African restaurants in the Bay), it also offers online ordering, takeout, and delivery. A sure bet meal: the complex, filling Ye Doro Wot, a chicken and egg stew.

Moo Ka-Tiam with Kai Dao

Pintoh Thai Street Food 

Downtown Oakland

With stir-fried pork, a fried egg, peppers, cucumber, garlic sauce, and rice, Pintoh’s Moo Ka-Tiam makes for a perfectly balanced lunch.

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Rio California 

Old City

This cafe inside an old Oakland Victorian serves lunch fare with a Brazilian bent. If it’s a Wednesday or a Thursday, don’t miss Rio’s take on feijoada, the national dish of Brazil. It’s a black bean stew with sausage and pork, and it’s served over the requisite farofa (yucca) and collard greens.

Classica Piadina

The Italian Homemade Company


Although this mini-chain’s popular for pasta, its other real specialty are the piadina, or toasted flatbread sandwiches (purists, request the “Classica”).

Baja Fish Tacos

Cholita Linda


Crispy fried fish tacos are one of the best sellers at this family-owned Mexican restaurant—and for good reason.

Matt Cain

Ike’s Love and Sandwiches

Downtown Berkeley

One of Ike’s most popular offerings: roast beef, salami, turkey, provolone, and godfather sauce. Get it on the Dutch Crunch!


Nation’s Giant Hamburgers

Central Berkeley

Sometimes lunch calls for a classic cheeseburger, which is best devoured alongside fries and a thick, creamy milkshake.

Pollo con Pesto

Gypsy’s Trattoria Italiana

Southside Berkeley

Pieces of chicken and fettuccine tossed in a walnut, pine nut, and pistachio pesto sauce.

Kalbi Short Ribs

Ono Hawaiian BBQ


Dreaming of being somewhere tropical after all this blows over? Travel to Hawaii with your taste buds by ordering a kalbi mixed plate.

Vegetarian Spring Rolls

Tuk Tuk Thai

Downtown Berkeley

For a lighter middle-of-the-day dish, opt for an order of tofu-based meatless spring rolls.

Jalapeño Popper Mac



A nostalgic, just-spicy-enough standout from the Temescal mac and cheese restaurant Homeroom.

Tuna Niçoise

Tender Greens

Gourmet Ghetto

Treat yourself to something special for lunch with this grilled rare albacore tuna-topped salad inspired by the south of France.

The list of restaurants highlighted in the story. Order delivery or grab pick-up from any of the places near you.