Delicious Gluten-Free in East Bay

Tamara Palmer

The Bay Area has not only well adapted to the growing legions of eaters who prefer (or need) to eat a gluten-free diet, in some cases, the city has led the way in developing delicious foods and techniques for the rest of the world to enjoy. These recommended dishes can satisfy eaters for whom no gluten is a strict requirement as well as those who eat gluten every day.

PF Chang's

There’s a large gluten-free section on the menu at P.F. Chang’s to peruse, including intriguing offerings like GF Hokkien Street Noodles and GF Chang’s Spicy Chicken.

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GF Hokkien Street Noodles

Thin rice noodles, light curry sauce, chicken, shrimp, egg, onion, julienned vegetables

GF Chang's Spicy Chicken

Our signature sweet-spicy chili sauce, green onion

Proposition Chicken

Gluten-free eaters can’t go wrong with a meal that features a protein that is lean and supported by an abundance of vegetables. Here’s an idea: try a Flipped (Rotisserie) Chicken Salad and a side of Brown Sugar Brussels Sprouts at Proposition Chicken.

Flipped (Rotisserie) Chicken Salad

Mary's free-range slow-roasted rotisserie chicken, kale, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, mint, black pepper Parmesan dressing.

Brown Sugar Brussels Sprouts

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Taste of Ethiopia

The special teff flour that is used to make the spongy Ethiopian injera bread is totally gluten-free, so don’t forget to add an order (or three) to go with your Veggie Combo at Taste of Ethiopia, where you’ll get to taste several different dishes from around the nation at once.

Vegetarian Combinations

Samples of 5 vegetarian dishes plus 3 sides( Salad , Buticha and azifa) With 2 Injera.

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Veggie Grill

Power up your day with Veggie Grill’s Super Taco Salad (with faux al pastor marinated “meat”) and an order of Turmeric Cauliflower on the side.

Super Taco Salad

Gluten-free. Al pastor taco 'meat', super greens (baby kale, brussels sprouts, green cabbage, broccoli slaw), grilled corn, avocado, pinto beans, grape tomatoes, cheddar cheese, crema, citrus vinaigrette, and Cholula served with tortilla crisps on the side.

Tumeric Cauliflower

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