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When we moved to East Bay from the city a couple months ago we were so excited to try all the korean options we couldn’t find in SF. If you love Korean food and need a good staple spot, or just looking to try korean food (besides fried chicken) for the first time, here’s our list of our favorite local places to check out.


The second night at our new apartment we immediately opened DoorDash and tried to find a Korean fried chicken place. We ordered from OBTown and it totally hit the spot. It’s a really authentic fried chicken restaurant. They have lots of sauce options, all of which are worth trying, but the Spicy Yang Nyum chicken is the best in our opinion. Goes extra well with soju and friends.

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Gang Jang Chicken

Garlic & soy sauce fried chicken

Spicy Yang Nyum Chicken

Sweet & extra spicy fried chicken

Koryo Jajang

This style of Korean-Chinese food was an early staple of delivery food in Korea. Every small town has a version of this style restaurant. This is our go-to when we’re too busy or too lazy to cook. Our normal order is the Ja Jang Myun and Jap Che Bop.

Ja Jang Myun

House noodles with ja jang sauce with diced pork and various vegetables in season.

Jam Pong

Spicy. House noodles in hot and spicy soup with shrimp, squid, mussel, and various vegetables in season

Tang su Yuk

Sweet and sour sauce with chunks of pineapple, onions, slices of cucumber, and carrots served over your choice of meat.

Bul Go Gi Jap Che

Thinly sliced beef with house sauce, clear noodles, and various vegetables in season.

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Pyeong Chang Tofu

Another Korean food icon is tofu soup. This place has the best, as well as lots of options and types to choose from. Every detail and dish feels like it was handcrafted by a family member, and almost everything on the menu is great.

Seafood Pancake

Traditional Korean style seafood (squid, mussel, and clam) pancake prepared with flour batter

Combination Tofu Soup

Soft tofu stew with a combination of beef and seafood—squid, clam, and shrimp

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Blood Sausage, one of the lesser known korean food staples, is Minji's go-to hangover soup in Korea. Ben (although is a reformed picky eater) still won't touch the stuff, so luckily this place has other options as well. Get for your Korean wife when she’s sick, or just to be adventurous for yourself.

Traditional Blood Sausage Soup

Spicy Beef Stew

Shredded beef brisket, glass noodle, green onion and egg in spicy beef broth

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You thought we were going to make a Korean list and not mention Bonchon? When we are desperate for lots of flavors and we can’t decide on what to order together you can never go wrong. The Combo comes with pickled radishes, which is an underrated addition in Minji’s book. Get the Spicy & Soy Garlic sauce for a good balance of savory/spicy fried chicken goodness.


Medium includes 10 wings and five drumsticks and the famously underrated pickled radishes

Pork Buns

Slice of savory pork belly dressed with Bonchon soy garlic sauce, topped with cucumbers, coleslaw, spicy mayo, and katsu sauce. Each order includes three buns.

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The list of restaurants highlighted in the story. Order delivery or grab pick-up from any of the places near you.


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