Healthy Weekday Dinners in East Bay

Tamara Palmer

Ordering food doesn’t automatically mean you’re having a cheat day or blowing a diet. It’s easy to eat healthy with these weekday meal options that are mindful of staying within reason (and bounds), but still actually taste like a treat.

Ladle & Leaf

Keep your eating clean yet still flavorful during the work week with the help of the Chicken Caesar and Asian Tofu salads — your cheat days can come later, after you’ve been so good.

Ladle & Leaf (Bancroft Way)
Ladle & Leaf (Clay St)

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Chicken Caesar Salad

Asian Tofu Salad

Option to add chicken

Poki Poke

A customized salad of raw fish, veggies and toppings is a great way to pack in a lot of brainfood. A Large Poke Bowl offers four different proteins of your choice, and a side of Spam Musubi never hurts.

Large Poke Bowl

Mix of 4 proteins. Sushi rice, organic brown rice, mixed greens, or half and half.

Spam Musubi

Not strictly the healthiest food, but it’s a tasty side!

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Razan's Organic Kitchen

A Greek Salad and a grilled Wild Salmon Plate, all prepared with organic ingredients, makes for a fit two-course dinner that still feels good after you’re done.

Greek Salad

Organic spring mix, lemon juice, olive oil, feta, calamata olives with pita.

Wild Salmon Plate

Grilled wild salmon, vegetables, rice, beans and house salsa.

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Tender Greens

Try a Tuna Nicoise with seared albacore and a bowl of Rustic Chicken soup for a nourishing combo that also happens to be relatively low in calories.

Tuna Nicoise

Grilled rare albacore, baby greens, tomato, potato, capers, green beans, egg, olives, sherry vinaigrette

Rustic Chicken Soup - Bowl

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