Instagram Worthy in East Bay

Tamara Palmer
Photo by @breadchusf

Sometimes, you may just find yourself having the sudden urge to take pictures of your meal and then post them to Instagram, which is a natural impulse given the beauty of so much of the food made here in the Bay Area. And that’s not only okay, it’s encouraged! Check out our picks for dishes that not only look pretty in or out of any packaging but also taste great.


Over-the-top frozen treats and fresh baked goods reign supreme at CREAM, which stands for “cookies rule everything around me.” Try CREAM’s Brownie Ice Cream Sandwich and CREAM’s Ice Cream Taco to indulge in sweets that are as photogenic as they are tasty.

CREAM - College Ave, Berkeley
CREAM - Telegraph Ave, Berkeley
CREAM - Alameda

Brownie Ice Cream Sandwich

Ice cream flavor options: French vanilla, mint chocolate chip, very berry strawberry.

The restaurant highlighted in the story. Order delivery or grab pick-up from this amazing spot.
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