Paleo Picks in East Bay

Tamara Palmer

You may be following or curious to try eating Paleo, which is also sometimes referred to as the Paleolithic or caveman diet. It’s easier to order this way than you might think if you focus on dishes that are minimally prepared and made with lean proteins, fresh produce, nuts and seeds and avoid grains, legumes and dairy products along the way. These places are prepared to delight the taste buds of a serious Paleo practitioner or just a casual eater who’d like to try it out.


Made From Certified Organic Free-Range Chicken Bones. Simmered For Over 20 Hours To Extract Beneficial Collagens.

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Beef/Pork Bone Broth 16 oz.

100% grass-fed beef & mushroom meatballs with sunflower basil pesto.

Poultry Bone Broth 12 oz.

Made from certified organic free-range chicken bones. Simmered for over 20 hours to extract beneficial collagen.


If you’re looking for a Paleo option at Denny’s, hone in on the menu’s lean proteins and ditch the carbs. For example, you can try a Fit Slam (without the English Muffin) and T-Bone Steak and Eggs (sans the bread).

Denny's (Emeryville)
Denny's (Freedom Ave)
Denny's (Hegenberger)
Denny's (Marina Blvd)

T-Bone Steak & Eggs

A 13 oz. seasoned T-Bone steak. Served with two eggs, hash browns and choice of bread. Skip the bread to stay Paleo.

Fit Slam®

Egg whites scrambled together with fresh spinach and grape tomatoes, plus turkey bacon strips, an English muffin and seasonal fruit. Skip the English Muffin for Paleo dining.

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Have a Paleo party with platters from KYU2: try ordering the 14-piece Sashimi Combo and the 21-piece Sashimi Deluxe for a small group meal.

Sashimi Combo

Chef's choice of sashimi 14 pieces.

Sashimi Deluxe

Chef's choice of sashimi 21 pieces.

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Urban Remedy

Try a deep Super Green Cleanse for the day and add a hearty Matcha Energy Bar for a Paleo-friendly meal the next morning.

Urban Remedy (College Ave)
Urban Remedy (Gilman St)
Urban Remedy (Oakland)

Super Green Cleanse

The deepest clean we offer, this organic Super Green Cleanse is packed with nutrients and enzymes to restore your body back to its peak fresh

Matcha Energy Bar

A Paleo, plant-based protein bar that doubles as a Matcha green tea energy boost to keep you going throughout the day.

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