Paleo Plates For Caveman Cravings

Carrie Bell
Ceviche from El Michoacano Restaurant

The Paleolithic diet is sometimes referred to as the caveman or whole-food diet as the basic philosophy is: if it walks, swims, or grows, it’s ok to eat. Paleo peeps seek out minimally prepared sustenance made with lean proteins, fresh produce, nuts, and seeds, eschewing grains, processed foods, legumes, refined sugar, artificial sweeteners, trans fats, and dairy products. When you want to eat like your hunter-gatherer ancestors without all that pesky hunting or gathering (or even cooking), let these DoorDash partners put paleo diet-friendly food on your plates.

Rio Acai Bowls

This downtown shop is whipping up an un-bowl-ievably yummy take on Brazilian street food as well as smoothies and poke bowls. 

The Paleo 

An açai berry base is loaded with antioxidants, and the bowl’s toppings—flaxseed, banana, coconut, and almond butter—are all on the OK-to-eat list. A pitaya bowl, which uses dragon fruit as the base, is also available (lose the granola to make it paleo).

Hulk Juice

It’s easy being green when you order this kale, spinach, cucumber, apple, coconut water, pineapple, and lemon drink.

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