Fresno’s Best Vegan Meals

Carrie Bell
Vegan Ramen from Ramen vs Pho.

Whether Joaquin Phoenix is your spirit animal #alldayeveryday or you’re simply looking to go meatless on Mondays, there’s never been a better time to be powered by plants alone. Taste your way around the world with these globally inspired vegan eats that don’t rely on animals or animal products to find the flavor.


Fasika Ethiopian Restaurant

You don’t need a passport to experience the regional delicacies of East Africa. Fasika is the name of an important feast in Ethiopia, and it is a fitting moniker as this establishment has more than a dozen options for diners who prefer plant-based pigging out.

Miser Wat

These mildly spiced split red lentils, made with berbere, garlic, onions, and olive oil, are served with rolls of injera, an always vegan Ethiopian pancake/flatbread made from sour fermented batter of ground teff grains and water.

Vegetarian Sambusa

East Africa’s version of a samosa. Fasika’s meatless version features brown lentils mixed with onions and garlic.

The restaurant highlighted in the story. Order delivery or grab pick-up from this amazing spot.
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