5 Popular Vegan Restaurants You Have To Try in Los Angeles

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While ethical and healthy eating has been on the rise, Los Angeles has made living the vegan lifestyle much easier with restaurants all over town. It’s so common to have a vegan diet in LA that most restaurants do have plant-based options on the menu to appeal to the crowd. Some tend to think of vegan food as unseasoned tofu and lettuce for dinner, but these restaurants below have proven that veganism can be colorful, hearty and full of flavor.

  1. Crossroads Kitchen

Crossroads is a one of a kind, vegan mediterranean restaurant spot in the heart of West Hollywood. This spot has grown bigger and bigger over the years, gaining some major traction from celebrities like the Kardashians, Paul McCartney, Beyonce, and Tobey Maguire to name a few. Although this restaurant is fully vegan, the goal has always been to be “an intersection where vegans, flexitarians, omnivores, and meat eaters can cross paths to share a meal and a good time,” says Chef Tal Ronnen.

  1. Gracias Madre

Gracias Madre in WeHo takes a plant-based approach to traditional Mexican cuisine. Some menu items like the wet burrito, gorditas, and jackfruit carnitas tacos have become popular choices at this vegan hot spot. They also take great pride in the production of the agave used in the restaurant’s tequila. The restaurant utilizes less modernized methods and sticks to traditional ways of producing and distilling the tequila. Gracias Madre does all things with mother earth in mind.

  1. Little Pine

Cozy, New American style, plant-based restaurant “Little Pine” in Silver Lake is worth a visit. Some of the most popular choices on the menu include apple cinnamon pancakes, stuffed shells, fried cauliflower, avocado toast, tofu scramble, and broccoli arancini. With both amazing breakfast and lunch/dinner options, we think it’s safe to say this is the ideal vegan brunch spot in town. 

  1. Chaumont Vegan

Vegan French Bakery in Beverly Hills? Chaumont Vegan is nothing short of charming and full of flavor. Locals have been raving about their delectable baked goods like the matcha croissants, chocolate almond croissants, savory za’atar, and their breakfast croissant sandwich. If there’s anything they are famous for, it is their sweet and savory selection of croissants! Don’t miss out on a tasty treat from Chaumont Vegan.

  1. Pura Vita

Vegan, Italian, and jam-packed with flavor. From items like the carbonara and baked ricotta to the tiramisu and chocolate fudge cake, Pura Vita is a must-try in Los Angeles. Their tasty food is matched with a small, busy yet romantic atmosphere. This is a perfect spot for a date night or a night to catch up with an old friend. Pair your evening with one of their many options of wine, and enjoy all that Pura Vita has to offer.

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