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Go Get Em Tiger

Quality coffee, tasty breakfast options, and a friendly atmosphere - Go Get Em Tiger is one of the hottest coffee shops in Los Angeles. With 10 locations in some of the most prominent neighborhoods in the City of Angels, this coffee shop is no stranger to major growth. If you’ve ever visited a location, you know that they pay great attention to detail with each cup of joe. Given the cafe's success, we wanted to learn more about the mind behind the coffee. We chatted with the owner, Kyle Glanville, about his story and the rise of Go Get Em Tiger.

Before we jump into specific questions about the business, can you give us some details about you and where you started?

Well, I’m a coffee lifer. I started out my college career moving to Seattle for theater and was working at a coffee shop at the same time. I was bitten by the bug immediately and I started seeking out online coffee forums and quickly found out that there was this small network of people who were obsessed with bringing coffee to the next level. This was a time when you could literally only find latte art in Seattle. I remember when a shop opened in New York that also did latte art, that was an occasion to get on an airplane to go check it out. I had a Flickr page where I posted shots of good looking espresso, and that became pretty popular. I ended up dropping out of college to be a full-time barista, which is wild. I started to get offers to travel around the world consulting and helping people up their own coffee game. I was contacted by Intelligentsia in Los Angeles to come work for them and help with their West Coast expansion by training their baristas and working with local coffee farmers. Eventually I realized I wanted to start my own thing and I partnered up with another barista at Intelligentsia. We started a popup at Sqirl which led to an opportunity to open up at Grand Central Market and our Larchmont location. Fast forward to now we’ve opened 10 cafes, and we approach everything with the same level of quality and detail that we bring to the coffee.

What was it like not only pursuing your passions and starting your own coffee business, but also expanding to now 10 locations?

The good news is I still go to sleep at night dreaming about coffee, and it’s still my #1 hobby, as well as my job. I’m still so in love with the product and probably even more so in love with the communities that tend to sprout up around cafes. The first bit of expansion felt natural and organic; we set up our early shop so well that it wasn’t very painful to open up more. I will say the challenge has been the twin storms of covid - the illness, dread, fear and the more recent storm being inflation, labor, etc. It tends to be a lot more expensive and takes more time to open a new shop. For instance, we ordered ovens in 2021 that we will not see before 2023.

We know LA has a lot to offer in the coffee sphere, What sets Go Get Em Tiger apart from the rest? 

I don’t see the overall coffee scene as being meaningfully better than it was 6 or 7 years ago. There’s definitely a few new companies that do great work that I admire. I think what sets us apart is the obsession with the coffee quality and the pre-harvest work with farmers to develop the coffee shoulder to shoulder. We focus on systemizing and going fast. We like to make coffee really quickly and get it in people’s hands as quickly as humanly possible with the same level of skill and detail. We operate our cafes like a big standing bar so there’s no lines - aside from our West Hollywood location which doesn’t have an indoor space just yet. With the food, no other coffee company has the in-house culinary chops that we do using that same obsession level we bring to the coffee.

Where does the name Go Get Em Tiger come from? What does it mean for you and why’d you choose it? 

When it came to naming this company, we started to think about phrases. Why not name our company a whole sentence or phrase instead of a single word or noun? We wanted it to be a phrase that felt good. The phrase “Go Get Em Tiger” spoke to us and what the coffee ritual is. It’s an authentically positive sentiment and it’s something that you’d imagine a father saying to their child at a baseball game. I think coffee is that in people’s lives, it’s the thing you do before the thing you do. If you’re a coffee drinker, an astronaut, an attorney, a construction worker, you’re going to have your cup of coffee before you start the day. We feel like Go Get Em Tiger speaks to where coffee fits into people’s lives.

Whether you’re headed to work or looking to catch up with friends, coffee tends to make an appearance. Go Get Em Tiger has a special way of making sure you get the best quality coffee and a friendly experience to pair with it. You can visit any one of the 10 Los Angeles locations or order delivery through DoorDash for that fresh cup of coffee or flavorful breakfast to start your day.

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