Top Ice Cream Shops To Help You Cool Down This Summer

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With the weather warming up, locals are always looking for ways to cool down. We’ve gathered a list of all the top LA Ice Cream Shops for you to try this Summer! With a mix of local chains, mom & pop shops, and even some dairy-free options!

Mashti Malone’s

Known for their exotic ice cream flavors, Mashti Malone’s is a persian ice cream shop with locations in Hollywood and Westwood. A few of the flavor options include creamy rosewater, french lavender, saffron rosewater, and persian cucumber. If you’re in for some more traditional flavors, they also carry the classics like vanilla, mint chocolate chip, and cookies n’ cream.

Mateo’s Ice Cream & Fruit Bars

Mateo’s Ice Cream & Fruit Bars derives inspiration from the owner’s home of Oaxaca, Mexico. With Mateo’s Ice Cream & Fruit Bars, he’s been able to bring flavors of his childhood to Los Angeles. Some of the most popular flavors include hibiscus, mamey, mango, watermelon and dragon fruit.

Salt & Straw

This trendy ice cream chain quickly becomes a staple in any community they land in. Particularly in Los Angeles, locals are always raving about Salt & Straw for the quality and flavor of the ice cream. The most popular flavors amongst Salt & Straw fans are sea salt with caramel ribbons, double fold vanilla, chocolate gooey brownie, honey lavender, and boysenberry oatmilk.

Dear Bella Creamery

Dear Bella Creamery is a women-owned ice cream shop with a focus on all natural, plant-based, dairy-free, made from scratch ice cream. A few of the most popular choices on the menu include the taiwanese pineapple cake, mint chip, cookie monsta, and strawberry fields.

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream

With locations all over the U.S. - Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream has become somewhat of an icon in the world of ice cream. Founder Jeni Britton has been at it for over 20 years, crafting and selling the perfect ice cream textures and flavors (she’s even an award winning author of books about the dessert!) Long-time fans of Jeni’s work, claim some of the best flavors are brambleberry crisp, brown butter almond brittle, salted peanut butter with chocolate flecks, and salty caramel.


This plant-based, indonesian-inspired ice cream shop is one you will not want to miss. It’s simply a walk-up window where you can order the vegan ice cream of your dreams. Chef Zen Ong and Dayglow Coffee Owner Tohm Igergan joined forces and opened up Awan Ice Cream in late 2021. Although the menu tends to update often some of the most popular flavors so far have been the chocolate oreo, mint chocolate chip, blue corn tortilla, classic (Indonesian coconut and Balinese vanilla beans.)

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