5 Best Spots in Manhattan for a Hot Chocolate Fix

Carlos Ovalle

The leaves have fallen, the wintry winds have started to blow, and it’s never been a better time to grab a warm mug of hot chocolate goodness to keep you going. Enjoy fluffy marshmallows in your hot chocolate? Perhaps a dash of nutmeg to make things alright? However you take it, Manhattan has you covered as we countdown the best hot chocolate the city has to offer.

Dominique Ansel Bakery


Despite Dominique Ansel’s simplistic approach to his signature hot chocolate, the magic of his tasty interpretation lies solely in the presentation. He crowns his cup of hot chocolate with a flower-shaped marshmallow encased in chocolate. Ready for the grand finale? Once the flower hits the warm beverage, it melts, and the flower “blooms” and produces a chocolate truffle right in the center of your warm cup. It’s beautiful, and it tastes just as good as it looks.


Little Italy

Enjoy a steamy mug of hot cocoa perfectly melted with dark chocolate and dried lavender. It is the quintessential hot chocolate to get when you’re strolling through Little Italy on a brisk, cold day. The charm of Maman lies in its farmhouse-like aesthetic, you’ll feel like you’re in southern France with a few sips from their signature lavender hot chocolate. With over 10 locations in New York, from Tribeca to the Upper East Side, you’re never too far from a cup.



Discover a wide range of widely different hot chocolate selections in this fanciful European boutique. MarieBelle doles out more than a dozen variations of hot chocolate. From Aztec dark chocolate to Cardamom and from pistachio flavors to caramel sea salt, this is one place where hot chocolate reigns supreme.

Blue Bottle Coffee


For a no-frills, straightforward good cup of hot cocoa, Blue Bottle Coffee has you covered. The chocolate is tasty, their technique is simple yet effective, and they also prepare decent alternatives for those that prefer lactose-free hot chocolate.

Max Brenner

Greenwich Village

No self-control required here at this chocolate paradise. Max Brenner offers up ten varieties of hot chocolate, including some rather creative touches that will certainly pique your interest. Try their Mexican Spicy Hot Chocolate for some real heat or their classic whipped hot chocolate. Our favorite is the Italian Thick, consisting of melted chocolate blocks mixed with fresh vanilla cream. Whatever you choose, you can’t go wrong.

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