Fried Chicken Around the World in San Francisco

Susannah Chen
Fried chicken from Korean fried chicken specialists, Bonchon

Fried chicken is such a beloved food that cultures around the world share an appreciation for. Here are some favorite renditions across the globe:

Taiwan: Popcorn Chicken


Taiwan’s street snack, dusted with white pepper.

American South: Fried Chicken

Alba Ray’s

Buttermilk-brined, Louisiana style.

Korea: Mochiko Fried Chicken

Namu Stonepot

Skin-on nuggets of Korean fried chicken. Gluten free!

Mexico and Central America: Pollo Empanizado

Casa Mayah

Like a Yucatecan chicken Milanese.

Japan: Chicken Karaage

Sanppo Restaurant

Marinated, then fried and served with sweet chili sauce.

Upstate New York: Spicy Buffalo Wings

Proposition Chicken

Just like the original from Upstate New York.

China: Sesame Chicken

Bamboo Restaurant

The sweet, spicy Chinese-American classic.

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