Instagram Worthy in San Francisco

Tamara Palmer
Photo by @breadchusf

Sometimes, you may just find yourself having the sudden urge to take pictures of your meal and then post them to Instagram, which is a natural impulse given the beauty of so much of the food made here in San Francisco. And that’s not only okay, it’s encouraged! Check out our picks for dishes that not only look pretty in or out of any packaging but also taste great.

Bread N' Chu

A cozy shop in the Richmond District that specializes in Japanese sandwiches, hit up Bread N’ Chu to order the Japanese Egg Salad Sandwich, which is decorated with edible flowers, and the Golden Truffle Sandwich with seasonal Burgundy truffles, deep-fried tamago (egg) and roasted sesame with ginger shoyu sauce.

Photos provided by @breadchusf

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Egg Salad Sandwich

Japanese egg salad.

Golden Truffle Sandwich

Toasted Japanese milk bread with seasonal burgundy truffles, deep fried tamago, roasted sesame, and ginger shoyu sauce. Available for order as a whole or half.

Daydream Cake Shop

This sweet bakery in the Sunset District specializes in wobbly, 6-inch molten cakes similar to ones that are popular in Asia. Try the Earl Grey Boba Molten, a cake topped with real boba, and the Golden Crumble Nutella Molten, which features Valrhona chocolate chiffon, hazelnut praline feuillete and Nutella cream. Pro tip: Be careful when removing the plastic!

Photos provided by @daydreamcakeshop

Earl Grey Boba Molten

Brown Sugar Creamer with Earl Grey Chiffon. Delivered by the piece.

Golden Crumble Nutella Molten

Nutella Cream Topped w/ Hazelnut Praline Feuillete w/ Valrhona Chocolate Chiffon.

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Smitten Brrr Bar

Design your own pint (or pick from chef creations) of Smitten dairy or plant-based ice cream by selecting from a wide variety of base flavors and mix-ins, name it and wait for the magic to happen. The plant-based pints are made with rich Oatly Oat Milk.

Design (and Name) Your Own Pint

Design the ice cream flavor of your dreams. Includes your choice of ice cream base flavor (made from grass-pastured Clover dairy), one sauce layered throughout and two delicious crunchies (but feel free to add in as many things as you wish - the sky’s the limit)! You can make your flavor extra special by naming it!

This Will Help

We take our rich A.F. chocolate ice cream base in one hand, and your troubles in the other and layer this pint with small-batch whiskey from Seven Stills, chunks of our wheat-free milk chocolate brownie, crunchy, earthy cocoa nibs and a generous drizzle of the liquid gold we like to call brown sugar caramel. Buy two and you won’t need to call us in the morning.

Design Your Own (Plant-Based) Pint

Design your perfect pint and give it a name. Our new plant-based pints start with a "nice" cream base (made with Oatly Oat Milk), and comes with your choice of one sauce and two mix-ins. All sauce and mix-in options are made without dairy or eggs.

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Matcha Cafe Maiko

The Maiko Special Signature Parfait offers tons of colors and flavors to shoot, while the Soft Serve in homemade waffle cone (and the upgraded Golden “Shogun” Special, which drapes the soft serve in edible gold) are textbook Instagram items.

Maiko Special Signature Parfait

Our Signature Parfait with Different Layers of Toppings: Agar Jelly, Kuromitsu Syrup, Adzuki Red Bean, Cornflakes, Matcha Chiffon Cake, Shiratma (Mochi Ball), Japanese Chestnut and Topped Off with Soft Serve of Your Choice.

Soft Serve

Our Signature Soft Serve — 6 flavor options — with Fresh Homemade Waffle Cone with a myriad of topping options!

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