K-Drama Binge Feast in San Francisco

Timmy Chau
Photo by Paige Cameron

There are many iconic foods for different occasions — popcorn during movies, hotdogs at baseball games, ice cream after breakups, and for some, Korean Food while watching K-Dramas.

Imagine four people huddled in and around a sofa, snuggling pillows trying to fight back tears as they watch the romantic, albeit unorthodox, love story between a 900-year-old deity and a 19-year-old mortal college student.

Silently being judged by our cat, Hiccup.

Over the last month, my girlfriend and I with a couple of our friends have been at the edge of our seats and the breaking point of our hearts binging the K-Drama series “Guardian: The Lonely and Great God.” The 16-episode, fantasy series takes place in modern-day Seoul and it centers around an ancient war treasonist cursed to live as an immortal Goblin. He is doomed to live with all of the pain and memories of his past unless he can find his Goblin Bride – not a far cry from the plot of Princess and the Frog. So what better way to immerse ourselves in this Korean saga than by enjoying the same flavors the characters are; nothing says true commitment like tears over kimchi fried rice.

We went all out with Soju, Milkis, and Calpico

If you are a sucker for Korean dramas and the tangy-sweet, spicy flavors of Korean culture like we are, then here are some of the things we enjoyed with a tissue box at hand:

Aria Korean Street Food

Bulgogi Kimbap

Two rolls per order. White rice with sesame oil, fermented yellow radish, cucumber, sliced carrots, pan-fried fish cake, and Korean marinated beef.

The restaurant highlighted in the story. Order delivery or grab pick-up from this amazing spot.
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