Some Like It Hot in San Francisco

Tamara Palmer

Food with a spicy kick can help to kickstart your metabolism and feel elevated as you enjoy a meal. The buzz from spicy food is so real, you can feel it from your head to your toes, and it will keep you coming back for more. For some, it’s a sport — for others, it’s a daily must. Try these different ordering ideas If you are among the many who identify with spicy food as a satisfying lifestyle, or want to work on building your love of what’s hot.

Burma Love

Warm up your eyeballs and fill your tummy with a Burmese meal of Fiery Vegetables and Spicy & Crispy Chicken.

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Fiery Vegetables

Choice of your protein wok-tossed with basil, string beans, and red bell pepper.

Spicy & Crispy Chicken

Lightly battered deep fried chicken breast tossed in a spicy and sweet chili sauce with garlic.

Chili House

Challenge your heat tolerance with popular spicy Chinese dishes like Chicken With Explosive Chili Pepper and the hot and numbing Fresh Fish Fillet With Chili Oil.

Chicken with Explosive Chili Pepper

The item description only has one word: Hot. Infer what you will.

Fresh Fish Fillet with Chili Oil

Hot. Again. That’s red peppers just floating on top.

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Na Ya Dessert Cafe

This late-night dessert spot also specializes in atomically hot Thai dishes like Spicy Spaghetti Sai Oua and Spicy Thai Basil.

Spicy Spaghetti Sai Oua

Thai sausage, pan fried spaghetti, onion, bell peppers, garlic chili basil sauce.

Thai Spicy Basil

Bell paper, jalapeno, spicy basil garlic sauce, rice.

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Saucy Asian

Pair some dressed-up Spicy Poke (raw fish bowl with salad greens or rice underneath) with a sweet and spicy cooked dish of Ddeokbokki (stir-fried Korean rice cakes) for a Pan-Asian culinary experience.

Spicy Poke

Rice or mixed greens base, spicy mayo marinade, pico, jalapeño, fresh slaw, cilantro, cucumbers, lettuce, tobiko, kimchi aioli.


Sweet and spicy sauce, deep fried rice cake, green onion, gochujang aioli.

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