13 Hits to Order for Lunch Now That You're WFH

Susannah Chen
The Mezze Sampler from Beit Rima in Cole Valley.

Editor’s Note: This list has been updated with new restaurants as of May 19.

While it’s great in theory to have a daily excuse to work in your pajamas, let’s face it: your lunch routine just isn’t the same. Missing your midday lunch breaks around town with co-workers now that you’re working from home? Replace them with one of these popular lunch ideas that you can get sent right to your doorstep (lunch buddy not included).

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Chef’s Selection Sushi Tasting

Sushi Shio


While you won’t be able to drop into this spot for its well-loved omakase at the sushi bar, you can still get something similar—for dinner and lunch!—with the eight-piece nigiri sushi tasting.

Make Your Own Wrap

Marina Deli


Chestnut Street’s most bustling convenience store is also a local favorite for its stellar wraps, breakfast sandwiches, and Italian subs, which you can now get delivered for lunch.

Mezze Sampler

Beit Rima 

Cole Valley

The Mezze Sampler at this Jordanian-Palestinian spot is often ordered as an appetizer for a crowd, but it’d also be a great midday meal for grazers who are prone to palate fatigue.

The list of restaurants highlighted in the story. Order delivery or grab pick-up from any of the places near you.