Stream and Chill in San Francisco

Tamara Palmer

Streaming services can easily bring a wide world of entertainment in countless languages to the personal screen of your choice, and the options are only growing. Settle in for your solo or partnered streaming movie or TV series marathon with satisfying snacks like these to accompany all the action and last a long time. (Those were double entendres only if you want them to be as such.)

Ice Cream Shop

Mix and match from different popular ice cream brands, such as Ben & Jerry’s Americone Dream and the Magnum Milk Chocolate Vanilla Tub, which is topped with a layer of chocolate that you crack into before eating.

Ben & Jerry's Americone Dream

Vanilla ice cream with fudge-covered waffle cone pieces and a caramel swirl. 16oz

The restaurant highlighted in the story. Order delivery or grab pick-up from this amazing spot.
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