Chicken & Rice Around the Globe in South Bay

Susannah Chen
Indian Chicken Biryani, above from Badri's Biryani Bar, represents on of the many chicken and rice dishes enjoyed around the world.

We often turn to playlists for musical inspiration, so we wondered: Why can’t we do the same for dinner? Welcome to DoorDash Foodlists, where we share thoughtfully curated meal recommendations that you can use as inspiration for what to eat tonight.

Chicken and rice is such a crowd-pleasing combination that just about every country has its own rendition. Here are some favorites.

Jamaica: Jerk Chicken White Meat Plate

Back A Yard Grill

This West Indies-style chicken is marinated with allspice and Scotch bonnet peppers.

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West Coast: Chicken Katsu Bowl

Chick’n Rice

This quickservice spot in San Jose, which specializes in all things chicken and rice, offers a Chicken Katsu Bowl that chicken lovers can get atop none other than chicken rice.

Turkey: Halal Chicken Shawarma Plate

Halal Doner Spot

Halal chicken pieces thinly shaved off a vertical rotisserie, just like you’ll see on the streets of Istanbul.

Hawaii: Chicken Katsu Plate Lunch

L&L Hawaiian Barbecue

The local favorite in Oahu: A Crispy breaded chicken filet served with katsu sauce, two scoops of rice, and creamy mac salad.

Taiwan: #R3 Grilled Gpie Rice Plate

Chick & Tea

The number one seller at Chick & Tea is is the #R3. The gluten-free Taiwanese chicken cutlet is made using hormone-free birds that have been marinated, battered, and twice fried.

Philippines: Chicken Adobo and Steamed Rice


Sweet and sour chicken, stewed in a vinegar- and soy-based sauce; be sure to order a side of steamed rice to sop it all up with.

Nepal: Chicken Fried Rice

The Everest Momo

Experience the Chinese and South Asian influence of Nepali cuisine with the country’s spiced take on chicken fried rice.

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