Delicious Gluten-Free in South Bay

Timmy Chau

The Bay Area’s constantly growing and adapting food scene always makes sure you’re eating hella good regardless of your diet. So whether it’s by choice or for dietary restrictions, you won’t be limited to that one menu item if you’re eating gluten-free. These recommended restaurants provide the range and variety to satisfy any gluten-free eater’s hunger.

Curry Up Now

With rice and gluten-free bread options, you can sample all of your favorite indian curries at Curry Up Now – or better yet, substitute the bread for sweet potato fries.

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Karol Bagh Kitty Party Thali

Saag paneer, daal lentils, plus choice of chicken or paneer tikka masala

Sweet Potato Fries

Sweet potato fries with dipping sauce (Gluten-Free)

Walia Ethiopian Cuisine

Ethiopian food is always a great go-to cuisine for gluten-free food since their injera bread uses teff flour which is completely gluten free! So try the country’s staple flatbread with these different stewed dishes from Walia Ethiopian’ – great options for both meat-lovers and vegetarians.

House Doro Wot

Chicken stewed in special berbere sauce and seasoned batter. Served with hard-boiled eggs and homemade cheese.

Veggie Combo

A combination of Shiro, Misir Wot, Alicha Wot, Gomen, Atkilt Wot.

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VN Grill

With rice-based noodles and wraps, Vietnamese is also a great option when looking for gluten-free meals. Relish the fresh flavors of these gluten-free bowls from VN Grill.

Chicken Bowl

Lemongrass chicken. GF

Tofu Bowl

Soy-ginger glazed to-fu-que. GF, vegan

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Smoking Pig Barbeque

For you hardcore meat-lovers, cutting out gluten means more room for barbeque. Choose your favorite cuts or indulge in a meat trio and build yourself a hefty plate. Make sure to ask to swap the cornbread out for something gluten-free.

Any 3 Different Meats

Take your pick of up to 3 different meats, and make sure to skip the cornbread and go for steamed rice to keep it gluten-free. As for your side, you can’t go wrong with the fresh Garlic Mashed Potatoes or Old Fashioned Cole Slaw!

Chicken Lollipops

Chicken drummettes are pressed up so they look like tootsie pops, given a brine bath, and spice rubdown, wrapped in bacon and slow-smoked.

The Original Wolf Turds

Gluten-free. Fresh jalapeños filled with special cheese blend and sweet sausage, wrapped in bacon and slow-smoked to absolute perfection. Some are hot, some are mild and some mildly-wild. Bonus: they’re fantastic with scrambled eggs, so order a couple extra to-go.

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The list of restaurants highlighted in the story. Order delivery or grab pick-up from any of the places near you.


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